Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Day 3- 22/3/16

I've been trying to find out the answer to a question I have. Buggered if I can get a straight answer from anyone.
Can I take folic acid if I'm breastfeeding?
I've started taking it, as a couple of websites have said its okay. I don't generally like to use "the internet said its fine" as an answer but even a healthcare professional pointed me in the direction of "the breastfeeding network"
Yes, I'm greedy. I do already have a child. If you hadn't got that from the blog's title then, well you're a dumbass!
My DD (dear daughter stupid  trying to
conceive acronyms) is 5 months old.
After spending my entire adult life trying not to get pregnant it comes as somewhat of a shock to find out you're barren.
Of course, I am not barren. I've got a daughter. But when, after extensive tests, I was told I had barely any eggs left. The word barren flashes in your head.
My beautiful daughter is a miracle, conceived just prior to starting IVF.
I would love to have the luxury of time. However, I have Mother Nature at my ear and so I need to start trying now. Hoping there is at least one good egg left and I may soon be blessed again.
Fingers Crossed

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