Sunday, 20 March 2016

Day 1- the start of a journey.

Day 1
I'm calling today day 1. It's not the first day of my period, but I'm thinking of today as day 1 as this week I stopped taking the pill.
My fiancé and I agreed it was time to start trying for a baby and my current pill pack finished on Monday. So that's it. I. Am officially trying for a baby.
With this in mind, I pulled out the big guns and shaved my legs yesterday morning.
I then stripped off pyjamas and socks (oh I know to live it up) and seduced him this morning.
According to my tracker, I should be fertile about now.
So now we wait.
It's unlikely I'll get pregnant straight away. In all honesty the though of the tww (two week wait) fills me with dread.
It's so very easy to get obsessed with baby making.

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