Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Day 11- 30/03/2016

Last week I came down with a horrible bug. I was vomiting and had crippling diarrhoea. 
It is the first day since my beautiful daughter was born that I struggled. I found looking after a baby when so poorly really hard. My fianc√© was at work and my family on holiday. There was nothing to do but endure. 
The result is that I got really worried about the practical implications of a second baby. I had a cry to be honest.
Today I finally had my appointment at hospital with the bum nurse. I'm sure she has a very high brow sounding title. The reality is she is a nurse specialising in bums. I had to have two particularly unpleasant tests. The result was I'm fine after giving birth, but the advice is if I do get pregnant again then it would be best to have a cesarian section rather than risk another vaginal birth due to the damage I have. 
I'm currently 10dpo (10 days past ovulation) and planning on testing this weekend.
Fingers crossed.

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